4" Gold Ribs
4” Gold Ribs with Bronze Background Geometrical arts and crafts profile perfect for linear design, cityscapes and modern abstract artwork.

impressionist Scoop
An American 4 inch Impressionist-era frame, with a textured scoop panel and notched corner decoration. The finish shown is matte lemon gold with a purple clay.

Dutch Style Craft
An American 2-1/2 inch Foster Brothers-style frame, this ornate profile features Dutch-style craft corners, heavy reeding along the inner sections, and overlaid tulip flower decoration along the outer edges. The finish shown is a matte yellow gold with antiquing and a blue clay.

Antique Carving Angle
An American 3 inch Impressionist-style frame, the elaborate carving alternates between sweeping curves and sharp angles. The finish shown is 22k yellow gold with an antique finish and faux dust.

Chiseled Empire
An American 1-1/2 inch Empire-style frame, with long interrupted-bead decoration throughout, leading to a chisel-carved corner. The finish shown is yellow gold with a red clay.

Three Panel Whistler
An American 4 inch Whistler-style frame, with three individual flat panels of basket-weave pattern punchwork. The finish shown is matte lemon gold with a purple clay, and can be customized.

Antique Rounded Gold
An American 3 inch 20th-century frame, with combed carving throughout and softly rounded outer corners. The finish shown is 18k pale gold with an antique finish and black clay.

Murphy Cassetta
An American 2-1/4 inch Impressionist-era Murphy-style frame, this cassetta profile features a cut-out scoop and corner decoration on the outer rail, flat center panel, and inner overlaid tulip decoration. The finish shown is yellow gold with an antique finish and a red clay.

American Indian Gold
An American 1-1/2 inch American Indian-inspired style, the raised inner lip has triangular carved and bored elements. The finish shown is a 22k matte panel & burnished lip yellow gold with faux dust.

Geometric Diamond
An American 4 inch Frederick Harer-style frame, this cassetta profile features a geometric diamond pattern on the panel at the corners, with a heavy rub revealing the colored clay beneath, as well dental carving and a zigzag pattern on the inner rail. The finish shown is yellow gold with red-and-black clay.

Gold Cove with Lip
1 1/4" Gold Cove, 22kt Gold over Black Clay, Egg & Dart Compo Lip

Bernard Badura White Gold
2 3/4" Badura-inspired Warm White Gold, Blue Engraved Design in Panel

Foster Brothers, Arts & Crafts
2 1/2" Foster Brothers-inspired Arts & Crafts, Kiobe corner, tightf flues, Lemon Gold, Blue Clay

Round Corner Cove
3 1/2" 20th century 22kt gold over black, deep rusty patina, exaggerated cove panel and rounded cove corners

Gold Ludins
2 3/4" 22kt Gold Multi-tiered carving inspired by artist Eugine Ludins

American Cassetta Wave
2 1/2" 22kt Gold, rounded cassetta panel, American impressionist design with influences from Chinese architecture

Whistler Impressionist
4" Early 20th c. lemon gold Whistler-inspired profile with engraved swirls

Federal Beaded Cove
An American 2-1/4 inch Federal-style frame, with a simple and unadorned deep center cove and a round bead at the front. The finish shown is yellow gold with a blue clay.

Charcoal Wavy Fluted Panel
4 1/4" Charcoal Wavy Flutes, Raised Front Lip with Gold Edge

Bernard Badura, Lemon Gold
2 3/4" Badurra-inspired, Engraved Top Edge with Diagonal Flutes

Uncarved Gold Federal
3 3/4" Deap Sccop, 22kt Gold over Red, American Federal profile

Gold Sunburst Cassetta
3 1/2" 22kt gold Cassetta with a single sunburst design panel, influenced by mid-century modern artwork and architecture

Wide Cove Carved Floral
4 1/2" 18kt American Impressionist lemon gold, blue clay, carved floral corner, tooled panel

Deco Corner Gold
1 1/2" 22kt Gold Clamshell with hand-carved corners similar to an art deco style

Whistler/Turner Slant
3 1/4" Heavily washed white gold profile with Whistler-inspired piping on panel, indicative of 19th c. Turner paintings

Leafed Stanford White
An American 2-3/4 inch Stanford White-style frame, with a reeded inner lip, repeating acanthus leaf decorations throughout, and a leaf corner decoration. The finish shown is yellow gold with an antique finish and red-and-black clay.

Bernard Badura Gold
1 1/2" Badura-inspired Warm White Gold, Engraved panel, Dental design around perimeter

Harer, Warm White Gold with Red
2 1/4" Frederic Harer-inspired Profile, heavily washed white gold, Panel with engraved symbols over red clay

Badura, Gold & Blue
3" Bernard Badura-inspired profile, 22kt Gold, Red Clay on Lip and Back Edge,

Gold Newcomb-Macklin
1 1/4" 22kt Gold Newcomb-Macklin inspired design with soft carved corners and a raised outside tail lip

Art Noveau Cove
3" 22kt gold, American impressionsist frame with a nouveau-inspired corner carving

Flat Panel American Impressionist
4 7/8" 22kt Gold Flat panel, American Impressionist, medallions in outer panel, leaf design on inner

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