Black and Gold Kiobe Corner
1/2" 22kt Gold over Red Butterfly Corner with Black Lacquer Rails; a traditional Japanese style frame seen on antique woodblock prints and watercolors.

Black & Gold Middle Eastern Clamshell
3 1/2" Alternating Black and Gold with white inspired by Greek and Middle Eastern architecture

White Gold Lattice Corner
1 3/4" White gold lattice work pastiglia, eggshell painted panel, middle eastern and north African influences

Simple Gold Bamboo
1/2" 22kt Gold over Red Bamboo

Fluted Panel with Black Bead Lip
2 5/8" Heavily distressed white gold over black, fluted lines in panel, alternating silver and black bead, raised lip, Middle-eastern influences

Check Panel Cassetta
2 5/8" 22kt Gold raised lip/outer edge, black and red alternating check pattern in panel,Mediterranean/middle eastern influences

This is a small sample of our selection of Asian frames. Come in to see more.