Quarter Sawn Oak
A 2 inch hardwood frame in quarter sawn oak, with an Arts and Crafts pegged corner and flat face, rubbed with white lime clear wax.

Blue Black Pagoda
A 3 inch hardwood frame, stained in a blue-black finish, with a pagoda style profile.

Slanted Golden Lip
A 2-1/2 inch hardwood frame, stained in an umber finish, with a white gold inner lip and reverse outer slant face.

Fishtail Oak
A 2-1/2 inch hardwood frame in fishtail oak, stained and rubbed with Japan black, with a yellow gold inner lip and pagoda style profile.

Gilded Stained Oak
A 3-1/2 inch hardwood frame in oak, with an Arts and Crafts stained panel and pegged corner, and inner and outer gilded edges.

Splined Cherry Satin
A 2-1/2 inch hardwood frame in cherry, stained in "satin plus" finish, with a reverse slant face and splined corners.

Antique English Wax
A 2 inch hardwood frame in cherry, double stained in an antique brown English wax finish, with a sweeping cove and antiquing throughout.

Vintage Olive Ash
A 1-3/4 inch hardwood frame in olive ash burl veneer, with a vintage black stain and flat face.

Light Antique Flat
A 2-1/8 inch hardwood frame in olive burl, with a light antique brown stain and flat face.

Gray Maple Face
A 2 inch hardwood frame in maple, with a translucent gray stain, slanted face and splined corners.

Walnut Wedge with Hollow Sides
3 1/4" Walnut Stain, 22kt Gold over Red Lip; the outside wall of the frame is hollowed out to create more depth and ambiance.

Cherry Swan with Gold
1 3/4" Cherry Swan with 22kt Gold over Red Lip; the cherry is medium in color and tpyically ages darker with time.

Wavy Walnut
2 3/4" Carved Wave with walnut stain; a unique profile emerging from the Cubist era but modified to be softer and less subdued than its gold counterparts.

Crotch Mahogany Wedge
2 3/4" Beveled Wedge with Alternating Crotch Mahogany Veneer; handcrafted drawing its inspiration from early American frame design.

Simple Maple Flat
1 1/2" Natural Maple, Flat Profile

In/Out Medium Walnut Cap
3/4" Inside/Outside Round Corner Cap in Medium Walnut

Gray Stain Maple Cove
1 3/4" Federal Cove in maple stained gray, a subtle detail of white gold applied to the inner return of the frame

Gray Inlaid Cassetta
2" Gray inlaid birdseye burl panel

Arts & Crafts Ebony Cap
3/4" Eboniz Walnut Cassetta Cap, Arts & Crafts

Dark Gray Tiger Maple Step
2 1/2" Dark Gray Tiger Maple with tiger maple back and front step

Cherry, Plum Slant Back
2 3/4" Back slant, cherry wood with plum finish, clean white gold lip, no rub, no antique

Whittled Panel A&C Oak
1 1/8" Hand-whittled carved panel with arts & crafts detail in corner, wheat finish, antique spots throughout


This is a small sample of our selection of Hardwood frames. Come in to see more.