6 1/2” Moroccan Tear Drop Swirls in Metal Leaf Silver with an Antique White Lip
A Statement piece designed to be the center of attention, the frame becomes the artwork.

2 1/2” Oscillating Cassetta in Metal Leda Silver and Gold
The romantic curves are inspiring on artworks with meandering movement while the contrast of silver and gold embody both a sense of coolness and warmth

2 1/2” Curvilinear Silver Metal Leaf
An art nouveau-inspired curvilinear design perfect for abstract expressionism, cubist or early/mid-century mediums of art.

4 1/2” Antique White Wavy Scoop with Silver Metal Lip
This frame promotes a sense of softness and weightlessness making it ideal for light and airy spaces.

4 1/2” Overlapping Swirls in Metal Leaf Silver
The dense overlapping swirls provide for a dramatic look in any room with a tendency to steal the show.

2 1/2” White-Washed Driftwood Inspired by Arts & Crafts
A cohesion of beach driftwood and arts & crafts, suitable for portraits, beach scenes, nautical maps, and modern whimsy.

2 1/2” Oversize Acanthus Leaf in Metal Leaf Gold
A Powerfully modern take on a traditional design element normally seen as a detail in Renaissance frames.

3” Moon Gold Swan
A warm and dramatic scoop outward pushes the artwork forward into space.

3 5/8” Scalloped Scoop with Black Lip in Metal Leaf Gold Flowy with a flair for the dramatic, perfect for portraits, large canvases and artwork with broad movement and curves

3 5/8” Scalloped Scoop with Black Lip in Metal Leaf Gold
Flowy with a flair for the dramatic, perfect for portraits, large canvases and artwork with broad movement and curves

6 3/4” Crimped Carved Slant in Metal Leaf Silver with Red/Yellow Clay
The sinuous surface is remnant of silver ore and works wonders on modern artwork.

3” Beveled Panel in White Gold over a Heavy Black Ru
The angles of this frame gives it a modern flair while the heavy rub echoes a hint of mid-century modern ideas.

Spanish Rogler
A contemporary Spanish design with a textured black panel surface and antiqued silver lip. S6-300.

Modernist Dove
Modernist dove 2.5", 22k gold, bevel in w/ impressionist finish, yellow and red clay. GLF927D

Gilded Outer Crisscross
A modernist 5 inch frame, this rounded outer clamshell profile has twin crisscrossing gilded rails at the corners and run along the inner edge of the panel. The finish shown is a painted black panel over white gold with a satin finish. QB AD-5-328-80 (WK25N1)

Rubbed Gesso Slant
An American contemporary 4 inch frame inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement, the outer panel is a combed gesso pattern, meeting a steeply elevated, slanted inner face. The finish shown is a black over red panel on the outside, and a rubbed white gesso with an antique finish on the inside. QB CTAC-4-402-B1 (QA1550A1D)

Sharp Diagonal Gold
A contemporary 1-1/2 inch frame, with sharp diagonally carved blocks, merging at the corners, and a narrow inner black painted lip. The finish shown is yellow gold with a red clay. QB CTFU-1H-392-77 (YR40)

O'Keeffe Gold
A 1.25" minimalist Georgia O'Keeffe frame, with 12k gold and yellow clay, with a matte finish. GLF226D

Modern White Clay
A modernist 1-1/2 inch frame, with three stepped, rounded outer corners ascending to a sharp inner corner. The finish shown is matte white gold with a black clay. GLF924D

Sculpted Badura Gild
An American 4 inch contemporary Badura-style frame, with sculpted undulating corners and gilded high upper lip, crosshatched etching on a scooped gesso panel, and stepped inside liner. The finish shown is white gesso with some red and blue clay rub, and lemon gold. QB AMBB-4-396-833 (LD30A6)

Stepped English Ripple
An English modernist 4-1/2 inch frame, with a combed-gesso panel in alternating patterns, bordered by strips of perpendicular ripple decoration, and a stepped inner lip. The finish shown is silver leaf and white clay gesso with a gray wash.

Three Round Tool
A contemporary 3 inch frame, this profile has three rounded interior cove corners and separate panel sections with hand tooling. The finish shown is matte lemon gold with a purple clay. QB CT-3-399-0 (LP65P2)

Antique Beveled Lemon
A contemporary 3 -3/4 inch frame, with a wide flat slanted panel and inner beveled liner. The finish shown is a matte lemon gold with a light antique finish, and can be customized. QB CT-3T-271-0 (LR40P2)

Curved Swan
A modernist 3-1/4 inch frame, this swan profile has a high inside lip and elegantly curves under toward the outer edge. The finish shown is matte white gold. GLF928D

Floral Scoop Frame
4 inch scoop with a floral pattern. The finish shown is a black panel with a white gold lip. ROGLER - S6 - 300

2 1/4" Clean White Gold, Wavy Design, Hand-carved 647-10-4

White Gold Art Deco Step
1 1/2" Step Back Art Deco, Warm White Gold, Carved Circles

Gold Carved Swan
1 1/4" Rustic Gold Swan, Carved Design on Panel

White Gold Fish Scale Swan
1 1/4" White gold over black swan profile with fish scales in the panel.

White Gold Concave Slant
2" White gold, black clay, concave back panel with front lip

White Gold Wedge
2 1/2" Clean white gold wedge with hollow carve in corners

Gold Picasso Wavy
1 1/4" 22kt Gold Cubist-inspired Picasso frame, alternating zig zag step

White Gold Flat and Bevel
3" 12k Clean white gold, slant back, double gild panel, burnished white gold over black clay lip

Clean White Gold Cap
1 1/2" Clean White Gold Cap, No rub or antique

Gold Art Deco
2 1/2" 22kt Gold over Red, Medium Rub, Art Deco design

Contemporary Silver Wave
2 1/2" American White Gold Wave over black clay, inspired by mid-century modern artwork and architecture

22kt Gold Band, Faux Step Cap
1 1/4" White gold with burgundy-painted panel, drawing frame, outer teeth design at center of each panel

Lemon Gold Cassetta with Raised Lip
3" Lemon gold, red clay, raised front lip, carved ribbon detail in panel

White Gold Cassetta with Pyramid Carving
2" Clean white gold cassetta with alternative raised pyramid carvings in corners

12kt White Gold Spanish

3 1/2" 12kt White Gold, Black Clay, Spanish uncarved profile

White Gold Slant
1" White Gold over Black, Reverse Slant

White Gold Art Deco
2 1/2" White Gold over Black Fluted Pattern Art Deco design

Clean Black, Raised Lip
2 3/4" Satin Black, matte panel, raised lip, clean white gold top edge, no rub or antique

White Gold Tiered Art Deco
1 3/4" Clean white gold, tiered profile with art deco design

White Gold Ripple
2 1/4" White gold, heavy black rub, Dutch ripple design

Lemon Gold Medallions
2" Lemon gold, red clay, carved medallions on a raised bull-nose clamshell

White Gold Scoop Panel
3 1/2" 12k Clean white gold, deep scoop panel, black clay, light rub

This is a small sample of our selection of Modernist frames. Come in to see more.